Patrick O.

 Anthony is a life saver.  My wife and I had been trying for 7 or 8 months to find a contractor who was willing to take on our project.  We had several contractors visit our house, provide a quote, and then we'd never hear from them again.  Anthony came to the house to assess the work, provided us a quote within a day or two, and began the work promptly.    The majority of the work completed was hanging sheet rock on multiple walls and ceilings, and redoing the staircase that my wife and I opened up.  Our house is old, and there was a lot of work required to blend the new walls seamlessly into the corners and other areas of concern.  Anthony did a fantastic job making sure that everything blended together well.    The updates to the staircase came out beautiful as well.  It really changes the dynamic of our living room and makes the space feel a lot larger.    Anthony was extremely diligent in explaining all of the options we had related to design and completion of work.  As a result we were comfortable with all of the decisions made during the process.    Lastly, Anthony was extremely flexible.  During the project, my wife and I asked for additional items to be taken care of and Anthony was able to ensure all of our requests were taken care of.  In addition to the add on work, my wife and I traveled quite  a bit for work and we were able to trust Anthony to complete work while we were traveling.      At the end of the day we are very happy with the work done.  The value we received for the work completed was incredible.  The quote provided was accurate, and the add on work requested was also well priced.  We would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for a contractor, and we are looking forward to working with him again on future projects. 

Eléna C.

 Fast, efficient and excellent quality of work. Would hire again! 

Amy G.

 Great experience! He completed many small projects around our house and built us a beautiful bookshelf. I will definitely use Anthony for my next project. And he was always on time, which I consider of high value! 

Carol M.

 I will be hiring him again great job ...fast  efficient and friendly 

Boutique Y.

 Overall great, good communication and everything was delivered on time an as expected.  

Valerie P.

 Anthony was very professional. He was responsive, punctual, and did a great job. I most definitely recommend him. 

Testimonials Cont.

Levent G

 Anthony is a highly-skilled person who helped me fixing some furniture that was falling apart and assembling other types such as a bookcase etc. He arrived at my home even earlier than the appointment time we agreed on. He has a pleasant personality and get the job done attitude. His comment to excellence is exemplary. I am very pleased with the work he did for me. I unreservedly recommend him to any repair or house renovation related projects. 

Joshua P.

 Anthony was timely, competent, efficient, and reasonably priced. We had several small projects such as installation of bathroom hardware and a deadbolt lock that Anthony knocked-out quickly and diligently. We were pleasantly surprised with our experience. 

Mark G.

 Anthony was excellent. Very impressed and looking forward to working with him again!